Hostel Life

06/18/2014 09:26

It has been a year since I started my thru hike on the Apppalachian Trail. During my last section hike on the trail, I ran into an old hostel employee who pointed me in the direction of getting this job. I fifnished that section of the trail and went home to pack up and start a new life. I got here, to Glencliff, NH, on june 2nd. I have alread been on two hikes in the White Mountains, Franconia Ridge and Mt. Moosilauke. The weather has been up and down. MOstly cold, and some rain, but its warming up everyday. I can't complain about it though, beacase it is so beautiful here and green. I slep outside everyday and look to my backyard. My backyard is the White Mouintains. How can you go wrong. Basically. I get to hang out with hikers all the time. I love it. I have, already, met so many amazing people. I have also had a few visitors from my hike last year. I got to spend some time hiking with Honky (ups) who also helped me get my home all done. Then, I got to hang out with Unicorn!! What a great reunion that was. We have been trying to get back together since Andover, Maine, so you can imagine how awesome it was of a reunion. Then, I got a surprise vivsit from my old friends Balu (Nolan) and HIves while they were heading up to Canada. Lastly, I got to see Sisu. My group and I met him last year while we were in the Shanandoahs at a shelter. He had mentioned doing a winter thru hike this year. I looked for him and asked around while I was hiking the senction down south. No one had met him, So I was begining to wonder if he was still on. Sure enough, a few days ago, he showed up here. It was wonderful hearing his stories, along with Suede. I was so happy to get to hike Mt. Moosilauke with him, although we both ended up taking the wrong trail. I have met a few others this year who have made a difference in my time spent here. Clover, a girl who was born in France, who is doing a section in the Whites was the first. She is so fun and we had a lot of laughs while she was here. Hutch, who I hiked Moosilauke with as well, who is a Raiders fan, and that's why we bonded so quickly. And best of all, Jeanne, who stopped by to visit Hitch, beacasue she had given him soem trail magic. We got to talking and I got myself a life long friend. I can't wait for her to come back and visit. All these peole are just a few that have made these last few weeks wonderful. It is still early in the season, but slowly picking up and I just can't wait to start meeting more and more amazing people who are taking the same journey I did and changing their lives. I am hearing their stories and it's taking me back to my journey on the trail, and I am looking forward to my next thru hike and/or next great adventure. For now, I am loving my hostel life.