About Us

My name is Sarah. I have been into the wilderness "thing" my whole life. I have been in the Boy Scouts of America for many years and have spent a lot of time outdoors. I have done some pretty awesome backpacking! As a matter of fact, I loved it so much I decided to hike the Appalachian trail! The idea originated from a previous Pecos Guide for the boy scout camp, and my dear friend Nolan (Balu). He did about 1800 miles of the trail in 2012 and plans on completing the last part going Northbound (NOBO), then turning around and hiking the entire trail Southbound (SOBO) with his hiing partner Kacee (Hives). With the help of these 2 I can say I am ready to bigin my journey by May 25th.I will be hiking the trail with my dearest friend Matt. Him and I have been planning this for a year and some.

About the AT

I will be thru hiking SOBO

SOBO means southbound

Start: Katadhin, Maine

End: Springer, Georgia

Miles: 2,188