Days 4-6

06/01/2013 16:43

Day 4- today was a lot better. The sun was shining. Yep! There is a sun in Maine.... Walked a good 8+ miles. Most of the trail was under water. Sometimes even waist deep. It was ok though, because it didn't rain! We talked a lot about day 2 and how today was better. The second day we stayed at rainbow stream... Not all rainbows are pretty, don't let it fool you. That's what we kept saying! We got off the trail about 3 times. Once we just bush walked for a bit and met up with the trail. It reminded us of how we got lost the first day and filled a 3 mile blue blaze circle... White blazes! White blazes! Unless the blue blaze has a present at the end of it. The second time we climbed a cliff to get back on the trail. It was very scary Cuz it was mossy so at any minute you could just fall through. I can't tell you how freaked out we were. Especially carrying 15+ extra lbs of wet gear. The third time we were in the high water trail and got confused because that was under water! You know it's been bad when the high water trail is under! But there was a long part of the trail that was clear and dry. We were exhausted though. Got our first taste of black flies. There was also this little bridge we crossed. It was about 8 ft above a pretty nice rapid. It was made of 3 logs that were not very trustworthy... Why? Some of the logic put in making this trail is beyond me... We all were so scared. All the other bog bridges and such were slippery and muddy and made terribly. But here we are at the hostle wresting and drying our cloths. My nose looks better. Less swollen. But my eyes are still black. I have bruises everywhere. Joe says I have zombie legs. We got a little wood burning stove going. Tonight is going to get cold so we are all curling up on front of it.
Day 5- today was an easy day. We are only doing about 4 miles since we decided not to take a zero. I got my trail name today! I am no longer Sarah! I am now NECTAR! it was given to me by Bill and Linda at the white house lodging hostle we stayed at. They called me nectar because the bugs and humming birds kept going for my hair which reminded them of a flower and all they want is nectar. Very fitting I think. Breakfast was great! All you can eat blueberry pancakes! I had 3 Joe had 7! This guy can sure eat. I was still full from the 14 in pizza we each for dinner. Deep dish and cheesy! Yummy! I am a happy trailer. And tonight for dinner I get leftover pizza. Who can complain. Finally r lunch we each has a 1/2 lb burger. Accept Joe had a 1 pounder..... Matt's feet are nice and blistered Cuz of the wet. It's been hard in us.
Day 6- today was a good day. We were rested and ready to roll. Our trail legs are almost 100%. We got here right before it stared to rain. Did about 12 miles. My knee is hurting really bad. So I will be slower. But gotta keep pushing. The weather should be good so we can slow our pace a bit. Not as much water on the trail but still have wet feet every day. I am looking forward to getting out of this 100 miles of hell. We are at about 60 so around 40 to go. We are going to get as close to white cap as we can. Big mountain. It's peaks from here on out until we hit Monson. Today we hiked with our bug nets on. It's getting pretty bad. Mosquitoes and black flies. Saw a few locals today. Everyone really supports sobos. Guess they don't see many. Joe got his trail name I kinda gave it to him. It's freehander. This is because the very first day he broke one of his hiking poles in half. So he had a free hand which comes in handy! No pun intended.. Beside our actual trail names. I call Joe smarty pants and he calls me little foot and we both call matt nicotine Cuz he paid bill 50 bucks to boat him across the lake to get ciggs and he bought all they had.... Ugh.. Lol. It's nice that freehander brought his guitar. We sit and sing. Matt can't get enough ofit. He says it sooths the soul. We all hate Maine. Can't wait to get out. Seems like this wilderness will never end. We are all hurting so bad. We are having teenie weenies for dinner. That was our motivation to get here. I swallowed my first bug today. Little shit just went strait to the back of my throat. Bug nets it is! Can't wait to be in Monson.