100 days in the woods

09/12/2013 10:40

So,  I decided that I am just going to star back up from where I am now and fill you in later on the "in between". I have now been out for over 100 days. I met a you kid the other day. He was 7 years old, doing an over nighters with his dad and uncle. We gave him the trail name of lighthouse because he kept used his headlamp a lot and loved it. As we were getting ready for dinner, he asked if we were doing the trail for fun. We stopped and thought about it for a second. Are we doing this for fun anymore? We are just about half way. We hike close to 20 miles a day now, because we have to. We still have fun all the time and everyday, but it's not fun like when we started. It's a voluntary job now. Hiking is not as easy anymore. We hurt everyday. Our feet and our knees can hardly carry us, but we push on. We ignore it and keep going because we have to. It's our lives now to hike. Just like living. We breathe the trail. No one can understand what it's like unless you hike it. So is it for fun? I would say yes. I am still hiking for fun. For the experience. For the people. This is never easy. Not a second of it is easy. It's always difficult to keep putting one foot in front of the other. But we do it without hesitation. We do it to do it. It really changes you, as a person, because you are continuously challenging yourself every second. Is a different world. I learned that the average American walks an average of 1 and a half miles a week. A WEEK! I hike more miles in one hour than people hike in a week it's scary the think about it. I love the path I have chosen! I am a one percenter! I may never be the same, but I love who I have become. I am strong and I know I can face any challenge. I hope I can inspire everyone I know to face their fears and do something they want to do, but don't think that they can. I now know that you can do anything you put your heart to.