07/25/2013 15:08

I apologize for not updating this in so long. It has been difficult to keep up because of exhaustion. The days have been long and hard. The weather finally let up and we have had a long stretch of sunshine. I am so happy to be out of the mountainsbut miss it all the same. I will fill you in on my adventures through the mahoosuc mountain range and the long miles in southern Maine and going through the whites just as soon as possible. Keeping a journal has been tough because at the end of the day I just want to cook and sleep, but I have been keeping notes and keeping all the good stories just for you. My trail legs are in and my feet haven't fallen off yet, but are close. I am in a battle with myself whether to shave my legs or not. The bugs are better, but I still look as though I have chicken pox from mosquitoes. The mountains have turned into hills but the hills take just as long to get up because of switchbacks. I really miss the hard section. The accomplishments of getting up on a peak. I am about 15 miles short of 500 miles right now. Rutland is the first real city we have been in. It's so strange being around so many people now. I don't know how to act anymore. I get nervous and shy because of my smell and just being on my own for so long. My group is still together although we jeep going back and forth, I believe we are in this together all the way at this point. We have met so many great people and trail angels. I can't tell you how blessed I still am everyday.