First blog: The Preparation!

03/20/2013 20:34

So, this if officially my first blog... I guess I am excited, maybe nervous. That means I am closer then ever to leaving. My good friends Balu and Hives just took off back to Texas. We had a lot of fun preparing for out 2013 SOBO hikes. We attempted to hike to Santa Fe Baldy on Saturday with my dear friend Michael Pridham. Which I want to take a moment to thank him for everything. I wound not be this ready to go if it wasnt for him. So, THANK YOU MICHAEL!! Unfortunately, the snow was to deep and slick to continue past 2 miles. We would have attempted it, but we had full packs and no snow shoes. I am just glad we all got to see the Pecos Wilderness before we left. It is my home. I am sure there will be plenty of "Beautiful" on the AT, but nothing to compare to my home in the Pecos. We ended up caving after the hike, which was a complete Blasty Blast!! 

More Exciting new... Matt PASSED his classes!! I knew he could do it. I am so excited for him and he can't wait to leave.

Balu and Hives did a shake down with me. We went through all of my gear and shaved off unwanted pounds. We took off about 3 pounds. That is very good when you are hiking this long. My pack is very light, but the lighter the better. I learned so SO much!! A few funny facts: 1. Hiking poles, Needed! Not just for hiking, but for hitchhiking. People tend to stop more when they see you with your poles so they know you are a through hiker. 2. Being a female is a huge advantage for hitchhiking. 3. TP (toilet paper) is very important...but I already knew that. 4. Alcohol stoves are great! Sorry are just to heavy. 5. Soda bottles are the way to go... No more Nalgenes. 6. I guess wearing a hiking skirt is the best and most comfortable way to go.. For those of you who know me, I HATE skirts!! But, if it means I am comfortable, then a skirt it is. 7. Bug net!...That is all. 8. Instagram... Guess I had to get one.  

Aside from a few little thing here and there... Blister treatment, bandaids, wipes, nail file, and tiny things like that, I am all set. 

This sums up my first blog. Pictures of my gear are coming. If you have any questions at all, no matter how crazy or small, PLEASE ask. I would also love to hear feedback.

Love you all!