Days 11-13

06/14/2013 22:40

Day 11- today my boys finally came in. I gave them the biggest hug ever. It was so good to see them. That was when matt told me that he was dropping out. I can't tell you the sadness in my heart. I was hoping To never hear those words. I am not mad or hurt with him. I am still here and going to come tongue on and it does not make me weaker. I also met 3 other sobos after saying farewell to Adam and Mariano. Spits, stinky jesus and papa. We drank and played trivial pursuit and had a wonderful time. Spits got asked a question about what type of beast was mossy docks whale. He said "humpback, no killer, no sperm, no humpback, no give me sperm hive me sperm!!" no later then 2 seconds, he realized what he had said and took it back before any of us could say anything. It was the hardest I have laughed yet. It took us back to day 2 when Joe and I were going up a huge maintain staircase and I told him it was like going up the stairway to heaven and each step was penance. He then said that's why there are so many steps". Gotta watch what you say around here. But at least we always can find a way to laugh. After we went to the beach and swam for a while. We then went to the store and I got new shoes. I can't wait to no longer beat up my feet with boots. My favorite part of today was when Spits first came in to Shaws he took one look at me, then shouted "you are nectar!" I am apparently famous already. When stinky walked into Shaws he fell to his knees and was glad to see us. Apparently he walked 2 hours in the wrong direction. Silly stinky. Him and I sat in the beer isle at the gas station for hours just taking and getting to know each other. We even had some locals join us and they told us how to find gold and all about gold panning. All of us drank and got to know each other. I also received a text from Adam and Mariano today saying they were on moxie peak and missed me. It was good to know they were thinking about me.
Day 12- today we woke up and had the same morning routine. Breakfast and hang out. We played another trivial pursuit, but this one was the 70-80 7 years +. We were laughing at how "smart" we are. We ended up blaming the trail. We hung around town for awhile. And when we got back nokey and Sprinkles from the AT lodge surprised us. They came from Millinocket to Monson to see us. It was great having all of us together. Once again the stories pored out and the laughter filled the room. The best part of this trip is all the laughs. Just can't get enough of it. Stinky and nokey tried taking matt into staying all day. They just gave the poor guy so much hell. But it was all fun. They named him seat down. Haha! Had an amazing lobster keish at Lakeshore for lunch then hit the store one more time. I live how everyone here is a family. It helps when everyone had the same goal and you can push each other. We are perfect strangers but we are all each other has. You can fully be yourself here and say anything you want because it doesn't matter. All of us sat around and told jokes until we fell asleep. This whole thing is just so amazing. I am so happy to be here. It's a whole new world here. It's almost like a job. We hike 8-9 hours a day and just think when we hike. It's great to have the time to figure everything out. The trail is becoming my home. It's nice to be able to figure life out. To actually be able to peacefully process your thoughts. I can't wait to continue on and I can't imagine all the people I will meet, all the happiness I will have, all the dreams and memories I will continue to make.
Day 13- today I got back on the trail. I was up early just jumping around and ready to head out. After 5 days if rest I was so ready to go. I am still sore but happy to be back. Moose legs(joe) and Spits decided to finish the rest of the 100 miles with me, so we slack packed it. It was a good way to start. Then we got our packs and went on further. The roots still hurt our feet but they are better now that they are not smashed in my boots. My pack was a bit heavy at first because I was so excited that I just threw everything together. After I twisted my ankle for the third time and sat there cursing for a bit, I readjusted everything and it was much better. I got up and started on my way. This time I was back to cruising the trail at my 4 mph pace. We stopped early and decided to camp since the weather was good. Moose and I stayed in my tent and Spits slept in his bivy. It was nice to camp and not having to sleep in a lean to. I really sound even notice that matt was gone Cuz I was just so happy. Today we a good day. Tough at first but it got better. I missed the white blazes and the freedom.