Day 1-3

06/01/2013 15:04

Day 1- we hiked to mile 18.6. Unable to climb the peak due to snow and bad weather. Hiked all day in the rain. (not kidding, if the sky was not raining the trees were...). Today was tough. Mind challenging. Most of the trail was under water. We all got a but of trench foot and our knees hurt. Started this morning at 7 knowing we would be in rain, but we were expecting the trail to be in better condition. Matt and I started with Joe. He is from Pennsylvania. Probably going to hike with us the whole way. The last 3 miles was very hard. Had to walk on a road. The people were nice and waved. One guy even gave us a thumbs up. We are missing dry nm. But it's so green here. We even saw big and little Niagara Falls. It was beautiful. Matt was excited Cuz he had never seen falls like that. Cold night Cuz of the rain. But no bugs! I saw a frog today!
Day 2- worst day of my life!! We hiked to mile 30.1. Matt hiked faster Cuz of his feet, so Joe and I stuck together. It was not raining much the first part of the day but it was so wet and muddy. We climbed a mountain. They made a staircase going up of rocks. Climbing up these was harder than climbing up a 20 story building. It was such a climb. We hurt Cuz of yesterday. Then it started to rain.. Not rain, pour. On the way down the mountain, the trail got worse. MORE MUD! the trail was actually a flowing stream with little lakes. The lakes and rivers were so high they spilled over on the trail. I fell a good 6-7 times. We all took a dip with our packs at least once. I slipped on a log and fell in a waist deep puddle backpack first. I panicked and rolled over right away to make sure I had dry stuff! It seemed like the day would never end and it kept getting colder and colder and we were soaked head to toe. The rain was so bad I could not see much and walked into a tree with my face. Almost broke my glasses and my nose. talk It about demotivating. was crappy at first but I laughed later. We kept pushing though. Hurting so bad by this point. And it was hard to go fast Cuz of the water and the mud and roots! They were everywhere. One wrong step and you go down. This 100 mile wilderness is some serious business. We will probably take longer to get out Cuz the terrain is so bad. At least I have matt and Joe. The three of us get along so well. And Joe said he was happy Cuz I helped push him other wise he would have quit. So today was terrible. Right now I am 2 for 2 as far as bad days go. But no way I will quit. I will probably have 7-8 more bad days, but a hell of a lot of good days. I won't give up fighting Cuz the 100 mile wilderness will end and the rain will stop. And when it's done I will say I just had to work harder. I won't let hypothermia win! There is hostle 15 miles away thatwe are aiming for. We will take 2 days to get there but it will be out first good day!
Day 3- not as bad. It didn't rain.. Well not the sky, but the trees did. We caught some good views. We did have to climb a mountain up and back down.. Pointless if you ask me. It was almost like we did a circle.... Anyways... Everything hurts but we plan on taking a zero tomorrow to rest up. There have been 6 of us the past few day sleeping in these small lean-tos. I sure hope my knees feel better. All of us keep saying "fuck Maine" we are now used to being in knee to waist deep water. We had our first fire tonight. It was a good way to lift our spirits. Hopefully it's sunny. I would like to see the sky!