Welcome to my blog!!

Thank you for the support and for following me along my journey. I hope to keep up with this as much as possible along the way. I will be hiking southbound on the Appalchian Trail.

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Take off

03/20/2013 20:34
Our departure from Rio Rancho will be May 21st at 4am by rental car. Yep! We are driving.


Getting here

05/23/2013 16:40
The past few days have been very long. Plane to Baltimore then another to Portland. Took a bus from Portland to Bangor then another to medway then a shuttle to Millinocket. It's exhausting to travel. Can't wait to play in the mud on Friday. It has been non stop cloudy here in Maine since we got...

First blog: The Preparation!

03/20/2013 20:34
So, this if officially my first blog... I guess I am excited, maybe nervous. That means I am closer then ever to leaving. My good friends Balu and Hives just took off back to Texas. We had a lot of fun preparing for out 2013 SOBO hikes. We attempted to hike to Santa Fe Baldy on Saturday with my...
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