Welcome to my blog!!

Thank you for the support and for following me along my journey. I hope to keep up with this as much as possible along the way. I will be hiking southbound on the Appalchian Trail.

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Take off

03/20/2013 20:34
Our departure from Rio Rancho will be May 21st at 4am by rental car. Yep! We are driving.


Hostel Life

06/18/2014 09:26
It has been a year since I started my thru hike on the Apppalachian Trail. During my last section hike on the trail, I ran into an old hostel employee who pointed me in the direction of getting this job. I fifnished that section of the trail and went home to pack up and start a new life. I got...

This time around

05/11/2014 00:55
Being back on the trail... I remember being on the trail last year, and I had one focus....... Getting to Springer Mountain. I was learning everyday about life on the trail. I didn't reallly know what to expect and did not see what was ahead. Getting back on the trail has been a different...

Springer Mountain

11/28/2013 04:55
After hiking 2185.9 miles from Maine to Georgia I finally made my destination! It took me 6 months before I reached, what seemed to be, an impossible finish. It felt like a dream when I finally got to the top of that mountain that I only imagined and longed for. It was a beautiful day. The weather...

500 Miles left!

10/28/2013 12:52
It is officially down to crunch time. With only 500 miles left I am as excited as ever to be this close to finishing. Although I am excited, I have many other mixed feelings about being this close to the end. I am definately scared to get back into society and head back to the "real" world. To...

100 days in the woods

09/12/2013 10:40
So,  I decided that I am just going to star back up from where I am now and fill you in later on the "in between". I have now been out for over 100 days. I met a you kid the other day. He was 7 years old, doing an over nighters with his dad and uncle. We gave him the trail name of lighthouse...


07/25/2013 15:08
I apologize for not updating this in so long. It has been difficult to keep up because of exhaustion. The days have been long and hard. The weather finally let up and we have had a long stretch of sunshine. I am so happy to be out of the mountainsbut miss it all the same. I will fill you in on my...

Days 11-13

06/14/2013 22:40
Day 11- today my boys finally came in. I gave them the biggest hug ever. It was so good to see them. That was when matt told me that he was dropping out. I can't tell you the sadness in my heart. I was hoping To never hear those words. I am not mad or hurt with him. I am still here and going to...

Days 7-10

06/14/2013 19:14
Day 7-Things are not looking so great for us. My knees are going out and I am having trouble walking. Matt's feet are killing him. We just need a zero. This 100 miles of hell is killing us. We wore out in the ffirst few days. Joe is hurting also. Once we get to Monson we will figure out what we...

Days 4-6

06/01/2013 16:43
Day 4- today was a lot better. The sun was shining. Yep! There is a sun in Maine.... Walked a good 8+ miles. Most of the trail was under water. Sometimes even waist deep. It was ok though, because it didn't rain! We talked a lot about day 2 and how today was better. The second day we stayed at...

Day 1-3

06/01/2013 15:04
Day 1- we hiked to mile 18.6. Unable to climb the peak due to snow and bad weather. Hiked all day in the rain. (not kidding, if the sky was not raining the trees were...). Today was tough. Mind challenging. Most of the trail was under water. We all got a but of trench foot and our knees hurt....
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